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 American Mindfulness Institute

Wellness for the Mind

About AMI

American Mindfulness Institute (AMI) was created in 2019 by a former high school teacher.  After being a teacher for 18 years, she felt the strong urge to start doing something for her students other than just delivering the content knowledge.  She saw so many struggling students in school not because of their lack of ability but because of the lack of social emotional support they needed from the people in their lives.  She was determined to offer students coping skills to deal with daily stresses from school and home.  She began to incorporate mindfulness lessons in her classrooms and students began to make tiny steps toward transforming their lives.  With limited time and resources available within her instructional role, she felt the need to begin servicing schools as an outside source of Mindfulness Education. 


Since the onset of recent pandemic, there is a growing need to provide mindfulness education in school as well as general population.  AMI's goal is serve as many communities and organizations as possible and provide assistance in developing mindfulness culture and sustain it. 


The mission of the AMI is to promote mindful living in every person in order to build harmonious and balanced society where individuals can thrive in their own surroundings.

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