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My Mindful Journey

My mindful journey began with a week long mindfulness (meditation) retreat in my twenties. I was recommended to attend this retreat because I hit the mid-twenties crisis where I was completely lost in life. From the outside, I had a perfect life. I had just graduated from a prestigious college, supportive parents, and a whole bright future ahead of myself. Despite all the things/people I had surrounding myself, I was not happy. Worst of all, I did not know what to do or how to live my life. In other words, I was scared to face the demands of the "adult life."

After the retreat, I felt ready to live my life and ride through the challenges and demands of living the "real life." My mindfulness teacher reassured me "as long as you make it a habit to practice mindfulness daily, you can live your life to the fullest." As I took my teachers grateful words deep in my heart and set out to live my life mindfully on my own, I ran into many obstacles courses, road blocks, and what seemed at the time like the end the world. I tumbled, fell, took detours, and stood on the edge of cliffs many times in the following 30 years, but I never gave up the practice of staying mindful in each of those difficult times.

Now I stand here as a living proof of how mindful living can not only benefit someone but can also save a life. I would like to share my stories and help as many people as possible in finding their true selves and live their lives to the highest potential and find happiness along the away as a bonus.

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